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SACCO & MANCETTI were founded 1985 in Regensburg, Germany. More than three decades with 800 concerts  in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria, a loyal fan base everywhere. In the beginning was the single-hit „Rainbow’s End“, followed by 10 albums, at last „HIGHTIME“ in 2016.


SACCO & MANCETTI are showing creative substance and a continuous development over the years, not that usual for a German rock band. Soulful songwriting, exceptional skills and a certain groove with roots in the romance of the wild sixties and roaring guitars of the seventies.

The band is on stage in a classical trio line-up, additional musicians at times. The 11th album is in work, release expected for March 2022.

Jockl Peithner voc, git
Reinhold Keck drums, perc, voc
Herbert Schwarzfischer bass